About Our Store

Who Is Idahojim?

The main proprietor, Jim Makovec is a confirmed Bibliophile who has definite passion for collecting fine books. I’ve been addicted to this passion for more than thirty years and to share my affliction, I have been selling at malls, markets and online since 1997. As with other Bookmen, I sell through a number of venues including Barnes & Noble, Alibris, Abebooks and Biblio but I am proudest to be able to sell at my own online bookstore.


What Is Idahojims?

Idahojims is a privately owned and operated family business. My personal web site, www.idahojims.com is my favored and preferred selling site. You will see Specialty books, Collectors books and books for investment on this site. I run my bookstore as I do my collection. As I buy and sell books, I always strive to improve the quality and collectivity of my stock. I personally favor United States Pacific Northwest, Fur Trade and current modern, Signed First Editions. My stock improves daily! My purchases and sales of more expensive books are always looked upon for future value.


Please Enjoy Your Visit!

My business is Online only but I have all the qualities of a walk in book store. The only difference is you don’t have to drive here to visit or worry about the weather. Your visit is online and personal to me. I am available and can be contacted via Cell phone at 208-691-5981 from 1 pm thru 9 pm Pacific Time. I am always willing to discuss my stock and talk about the books and the book business in general.